Water and Fertilizer Mineral Nutrient Solution and Urban Public Art Design

  • Yang Wanying
Keywords: Water and fertilizer minerals; Urban public art design; Design principles; Harmonious ecology


Water and fertilizer mineral nutrition includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. Nitrogen
fertilizer can improve the nutritional balance ability of plant vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and
promote root growth. Using optimized water and fertilizer management measures and using 12% to 25%
nitrogen fertilizer in the production of green agricultural products, the relevant output can be achieved. This
article analyzes water and fertilizer mineral nutrient solution and urban public art design. Urban landscape is a
complex composed of multiple elements. As a vibrant organic component of urban landscape, public art design
has played an indispensable role in improving the overall quality of urban landscape. The connection between
public art and urban landscape is two-way. When art flows into the city, public art becomes the vital source of
urban landscape molding. When the city enters art, urban landscape becomes the creative material of public art
design. In addition to strengthening the design of public landscape art, the cultivation of green plants is also
particularly important. This article takes common crops corn as an example to explore the role of water and
fertilizer mineral nutrients.