Nutritional Components of Soybean Products Fat Diet and Relieving of Basketball Players Sports Fatigue

  • Li Fenglei
Keywords: Soybean products; Isoflavone nutrition; Exercise fatigue; Dietary nutrition


Soybean is rich in high quality protein, high unsaturated fatty acid and soybean isoflavone health factors and
other nutrients. This paper analyzes the nutritional components of soybean fat diet and the alleviation of
basketball players' sports fatigue. The content of protein, fat and isoflavone in soybean products. The analysis
results provide a valuable basis for the improvement of processing technology of soybean products and the
development and utilization of waste yellow slurry. The reasons and mechanism of sports fatigue are analyzed.
According to the characteristics of basketball sports, scientific and reasonable nutrition supplement is carried out
to explore the nutritional means to eliminate sports fatigue of basketball players, so as to provide reference and
suggestions for sports teaching and training of basketball players. Using scientific methods to restore physical
fitness is an important guarantee for basketball players to improve their performance. Nutrition is a very
important means to eliminate sports fatigue.