Nutritional Components of Probiotics in Dairy Fermentation and Sports Health Market Optimization

  • Ke Wang
Keywords: Dairy fermentation; Probiotic nutrition; Sports market; Sports consumption


Probiotics are a kind of active microorganisms that can promote the ecological balance of the host intestinal
microflora and have beneficial effects on the health or physiological functions of the host. Dairy starter is a
specific microbial culture material used in the production of fermented dairy products, which plays an important
role in the processing of fermented dairy products. This paper analyzes the nutritional components of probiotics
fermented from dairy products and the optimization of sports health market. For a long time, due to the
constraints of social and economic development level and people's income status, the main way of people's
participation in sports is to engage in physical exercise, watch various sports competitions, participate in sports
activities, etc., and the scale and level of sports consumption are restricted. Since the reform and opening up,
China's sports industry has developed rapidly, and competitive sports and mass sports have made great progress.
Sports industrialization has injected new vitality and vitality into the development of China's sports industry.
The supply of sports products has diversified, and the scale and speed of the masses' sports consumption are
growing day by day. Sports consumption has a great impact on social economy Development also plays a
positive role.