High Protein and Low Calorie Food for Physical Function and Nutrition Supplement of Athletes

  • Zhu Yuanming
Keywords: Immune index; Body function; Nutrition supplement; High protein and low calorie


With the development of food science and technology, many new food raw materials, new nutrients have
emerged. The trend of grain food nutrition strengthening is to provide people with a variety of delicious and
palatable foods with high protein, high fiber and low calorie, so as to play a more active role in balancing
nutrition. This paper analyzes the effects of high protein and low calorie food on the physical function and
nutrition of athletes. During the training period, all athletes have certain response to the stimulation of exercise
amount and intensity, and some athletes' muscle system shows the changes after the stimulation of exercise
intensity; when the athletes are in good functional state and the body adapts to the exercise load, the hemoglobin
value is higher, and the training or competition can produce better sports results. The hemoglobin value in the
morning is often used to evaluate the physical function of athletes. In addition, hemoglobin can also reflect the
iron deficiency in the body, which is the basic index to evaluate the nutritional and health status of athletes.
Muscular athletes can use their height and strength to serve, while shorter and more flexible athletes can use
their good mobility to play. Generally speaking, athletes with lower body fat level have stronger endurance and
thermal adaptability.