Fresh-squeezed Juice Vitamin C and the Principle of English Translation of Products of Fruit and Vegetable Enterprises

  • Liao Wanmei
Keywords: Freshly squeezed juice; Vitamin C; Fruit and vegetable companies; English translation


Mulberry fruit juice contains many nutritional elements. These nutritional elements are rich in variety and high
in content, which can meet the nutritional elements necessary for the human body, and also have high medicinal
value. Many studies and investigations have shown that the nutrients in mulberry juice have a very important
role in human health. Mulberry juice can regulate the body's physiological activities and continuously improve
the body's metabolism and improve the body's antioxidant capacity. This article analyzes the vitamin C of
freshly squeezed juice and the principle of English translation of products of fruit and vegetable enterprises.
China is a country with a very developed food culture, and its dishes have a variety of names. Translators must
understand the cultural connotation of each dish in order to accurately achieve the purpose of cultural
communication during translation. This article takes the English translation of the website promoted by
Shandong fruit and vegetable companies as an example, combined with the German functionalist translation
purpose theory, to analyze the problems and translation strategies in the English translation of fruit and
vegetable companies.