Vitamin C Content in Passion Fruit and the Psychological Effect of Music Intervention

  • Hao Jin
Keywords: Passion fruit; Vitamin C; Music intervention; Psychological influence


Various vegetables and fruits contain very high vitamin C. Vitamin C has a very important effect on the health
of the human body. Vitamin C can improve the body's immunity. It is an active substance. Passion fruit is rich
in vitamin C. Passion fruit has a very good health care function, can promote blood circulation and stasis to
strengthen the body. This article analyzes the vitamin C content in passion fruit and the psychological effect of
music intervention. Music not only provides an object of aesthetic appreciation for individuals, but also affects
the real social life through its own charm. Appropriate music can cultivate people's sentiments, enrich people's
emotions, and improve individual personality. At the same time, the rich content contained in music also has
very different characteristics, and different types of music have different effects on people. Music is one of the
most important and charming fields in human spiritual life. It accompanies the entire historical process of
human beings and penetrates into all aspects of social life. It produces and continues to play a huge role that
cannot be ignored.