Fish Protein Nutrition Intake and Relationship between Cardiovascular Risk Factors of Athletes

  • Yu Shan
Keywords: Fish protein; Nutritional intake; Exercise risk; Cardiovascular disease


As an important part of the food industry, aquatic products processing industry plays an extremely important
role in promoting the adjustment of rural industrial structure, increasing farmers' income, optimizing the
national diet structure and earning foreign exchange through agricultural product export. Today, a system of
processed aquatic products, such as dried products, frozen products, canned foods, smoked foods, fish meal and
some algae products, health foods, seasoned foods and even medicines, has been formed. Through the analysis
of various nutrients contained in fish meat, it is found that the crude protein and fat content of fish meat is
relatively high, and has various trace elements. This article mainly analyzes the nutritional intake of fish protein
and relationship with athletes' cardiovascular risk factors. Exercise risk mainly refers to the environmental risk
and man-made risk during exercise. Sudden myocardial ischemia or sudden death during exercise are more
common cardiovascular risks during exercise, which has also become one of the problems faced in the field of
sports medicine. With the continuous advancement of science, my country's research on athletes' prevention of
cardiovascular diseases should also be continuously deepened to further protect the health of athletes.