Amino Acid Nutrition of Deep Sea Shellfish and Physical Fitness Supplement of Track and Field Athletes

  • Yu Ming
Keywords: Deep-sea shellfish; Amino acid nutrition; Track and field athletes; Physical fitness supplement


Compared with traditional meat, shellfish has the advantages of high protein, low fat, and rich in trace elements
that humans need. It is more popular with people and has an important role in dietary balance. Compared with
fish and shrimp nutrition, shellfish nutrition research started late and progressed slowly. This is mainly because
the economic value of most shellfish is relatively low, which is not enough to arouse the interest of researchers
and farmers. On the other hand, shellfish mainly feed on algae. Under the existing ecological conditions and
breeding models, the problem of lack of food is not serious. This article analyzes the amino acid nutrition of
deep-sea shellfish and the physical fitness supplement of track and field athletes. In track and field sports
training, physical fitness occupies the core and dominant position. If an excellent track and field athlete wants to
achieve excellent results and climb the peak of the world track and field, first of all, he must lay a good physical
foundation, therefore, can he grasp the physical fitness training of athletes It is the key factor that affects the
improvement of sports level. Physical fitness training is not only training, but also includes nutritional
supplements after training. Only with the common progress in many aspects can our country's track and field
level achieve a qualitative leap.