Middle-aged and Elderly Residents’ Dietary Patterns and the Development of Folk Sports

  • Jian Wang
Keywords: Middle-aged and elderly residents; Dietary patterns; Folk sports; Development prospects


In recent years, the relationship between food nutrition and chronic diseases has caused serious concern, and the
health and nutritional status of middle-aged and elderly people are closely related. In the middle-aged and
elderly population, there is a problem of overall imbalance in dietary intake, a low degree of imbalance in
dietary intake, and insufficient intake of vegetables, fruits, milk, beans, and animal food in the dietary structure.
This article mainly analyzes the relationship between the dietary patterns of middle-aged and elderly people,
health conditions and folk sports. Based on the analysis of the survival and development of traditional national
sports, from the perspective of sociology, it examines the social factors that affect the survival and development
of traditional national sports, and proposes to maintain and improve the survival and development of traditional
national sports: strengthen the government Leading efforts; deepening the protection of intangible cultural
heritage of national traditional sports; Strengthen the innovative development of traditional national sports;
establish the path of industrialization of folk sports in ethnic areas. It is necessary to strengthen the publicity
activities on diet, nutrition and health care for the elderly and middle-aged and elderly people, and to create an
environment conducive to the consumption of folk sports.