Effect of Chicken Breast Nutrient Absorption on the Growth of Basketball Players’ Muscle Strength

  • Fuqiang Chen
Keywords: Chicken breast nutrition; Protein nutrition; Basketball player; Muscle training


Chicken breast meat contains higher protein content and lower fat content. Moreover, the content of
phospholipid in chicken breast meat is very high, which can provide the necessary nutrients for human body,
which will help the growth and development of human bones. Strong muscle strength and appropriate
proportion of fat composition are the decisive factors in the advantage of basketball games. Therefore, good
physical quality is a strong guarantee for basketball players to maintain the advantage in the confrontation. This
paper analyzes the effect of chicken breast nutrient absorption on the growth of basketball players' muscle
strength. The proportion of different body components has a great influence on the performance of basketball
players. With the continuous development of sports, scientific training has been paid attention to and
popularized in sports training. How to carry out strength training scientifically and effectively has become the
focus of people's attention. Physical fitness is the decisive factor of the physical confrontation in basketball.
Strong muscle and appropriate proportion of fat are the strong guarantee to keep the confrontation in the