Preparation of Black Soybean Peptide Nutrition and the Analysis of College Students’ Teaching Behavior

  • Junjing Zhao
Keywords: Black soybean peptide; Body nutrition; Teaching behavior; Teacher-student interaction


Black beans are widely planted nationwide, with higher yields. Black beans can not only be eaten as food, but
also used in medicine as a medicinal material. The protein component of black beans accounts for 30%-50% of
all substances, but black soybean protein cannot be fully digested and absorbed in the human body. Therefore, it
is of great practical significance to transform black soybean protein into black soybean polypeptide that is easily
digested and absorbed. Peptides are a breakdown product of proteins, and peptides can be completely absorbed
and utilized by the body. This article analyzes the nutritional preparation of black soybean peptides and the
teaching behavior of college students. Classroom teaching is essentially a process of teacher-student interaction.
Empirical analysis of the behavior indicators and behavioral characteristics of effective teacher-student
interaction in the classroom can not only diagnose and improve the classroom interaction behavior of novice
teachers, improve the efficiency of classroom interaction, but also innovate effectively Teaching knowledge,
perfecting the theoretical system of effective teaching. Therefore, this study has important theoretical
significance and practical value.