Content of Serum B Vitamins and Vitamin Supplements for Athletes

  • Xubo Fu
Keywords: Hemoglobin; B vitamins; Athlete nutrition; Vitamin supplements


Hemoglobin and albumin are important nutritional and functional markers in the blood. Hemoglobin is an ironcontaining
protein responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide in the human body, and is an important
part of red blood cells; Albumin is synthesized by liver cells and is the most abundant protein in human plasma.
Together with globulin, it maintains a constant plasma colloid osmotic pressure and plays an important role in
nutrition and transportation. Vitamins are the organic compounds necessary to maintain the normal life activities
of the human body. If the vitamins are missing, humans may not be able to carry out normal physiological
activities and even threaten the safety of human life. In this paper, through the literature data method, analysis
and other research methods, the selection of vitamins A, B, C, and E, which are closely related to sports, is used
as a perspective to illustrate the importance of vitamins in serum to athletes. Athletes need these nutritional
supplements to provide some support and support for daily training and the severe game situation that they may
face in order to do their best on the competition field.