Barley Seedling Powder Combined With Aerobic Exercise to Regulate Blood Glucose and Lipid in Obese People

  • Mingxia Han
Keywords: Barley seedling powder; Aerobic exercise; Reasonable diet; Blood glucose and lipid


Compared with other green vegetable plants, barley seedlings contain more kinds of nutrients and more
antioxidants, so they are sought after by people who pursue health care, natural and green diet. The antioxidants
in barley seedling can clear away free radicals and delay the aging of human body. This paper analyzes the
effect of barley seedling powder combined with aerobic exercise on blood glucose and blood lipid in obese
people. Since the reform and opening up, China's obesity rate has increased, and rapid obesity has gradually
become a serious health problem in our society. To reduce the obesity rate of teenagers, we should encourage
them to take part in more physical activities and increase the consumption of physical exercise, which is
conducive to promoting their health. In the process of reducing calorie intake, we should reduce the calorie
intake reasonably according to the degree of obesity. It is necessary to increase the exercise time continuously
so as to reduce BMI significantly. Aerobic exercise not only helps to lose weight, but also helps to reduce a
series of chronic diseases caused by obesity.