Muscle Nutritional Components of Fish and Recovery of Physical Fitness in Track and Field Sports

  • Tao Wang
Keywords: Fish muscle protein; Dietary nutrition; Track and field athletes; Physical recovery


At present, in the field of investigation and research, the research on scorpionfish, especially the exploration of
its nutritional elements, is still in a relatively blank stage. The focus of research in all sectors of society is on the
Yangtze River knurling. According to the data measured by the existing technical conditions, there are 18
different amino acids in the Yangtze scorpionfish meat, and the essential amino acid content accounts for a large
proportion. It is a very high-quality protein that can help the brain metabolism of the human body. On the other
hand, the scorpionfish can provide various fatty acids required by the human body. These fatty acids can help
the growth and development of the brain of young children, and can reduce the content of cholesterol and
lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood. This article mainly analyzes the nutrient composition of the anchovy fish
meat and the physical recovery of track and field sports. In track and field training, physical fitness occupies the
core and dominant position. Therefore, the ability to grasp the physical fitness training of athletes is the key
factor that affects the improvement of sports level. Through the improvement of athletes’ diets, they constantly
carry out various trainings for athletes, provide nutrients, and provide logistical support for athletes in sports