Relationship Between Diet Patterns and Exercise Bone Mineral Density of Middle-aged and Elderly Residents

  • Yujia Liu
Keywords: Middle-aged and elderly nutrition; Diet patterns; Osteoporosis; Exercise therapy


Osteoporosis (OP) seriously threatens the life safety of middle-aged and elderly people, and has become the
three major elderly diseases in conjunction with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes. At
present, improving the prevention of osteoporosis is an urgent task to be solved, and one of the better measures
is to carry out relevant bone health education for the elderly and develop scientific and effective osteoporosis
health education programs. Provide theoretical basis, and then achieve the purpose of improving the patient's
osteoporosis knowledge level and health belief, improving the patient's healthy behavior habits and dietary
intake status, and enhancing the effect of conventional treatment of osteoporosis. This article mainly analyzes
the relationship between dietary patterns and exercise bone mineral density of middle-aged and elderly residents.
As one of the artificially controllable factors, dietary factors are closely related to bone mineral density and
osteoporosis. The relationship between dietary factors and bone mineral density and osteoporosis is studied in
the female population, so that the dietary behavior of the population can be intervened to prevent osteoporosis
early. Recently it has become a research hotspot in recent years.