Silverfish Protein Nutrition and Sustainable Development of Agricultural Tourism

  • Li Xue
Keywords: Silverfish processing; Protein nutrition; Agricultural tourism; Sustainable development


Silverfish is a freshwater fish that inhabits offshore and has the characteristics of migratory rivers. It is mainly
distributed in East Asia of China, Japan and South Korea, and a few are distributed in the Far East of Russia.
China’s silverfish is particularly rich in resources and has the most species. It is the world’s silverfish’s origin
and main distribution area, leading the international silverfish market, laid the position of China's silverfish
industry. The total essential amino acids, total amino acid content and essential amino acid index of silverfish
are higher than that of dried silverfish. The yield of freeze-dried silverfish crude polysaccharide is lower than
that of dried silverfish, but the purity is higher. If you combine the production of silverfish with agricultural
tourism, it will become the most progressive combination of this century. This article mainly analyzes the
protein nutrition of silverfish and the sustainable development of agricultural tourism. With the acceleration of
the urbanization process, the upgrading of new rural areas has become an important task, and leisure agriculture
has become a hot industry. It has made great progress, realized the organic integration of agriculture and tourism,
and promoted the first and second The ingenious integration of the three industries provides a broad
development prospect for the construction of a new socialist countryside and the realization of urban-rural coordination.