Effect of Vitamin E Nutrition Metabolism on Physical Fitness Growth of Disabled People Ice Sports Training

  • Zhuang Maohua
Keywords: Vitamin E; Nutritional metabolism; Ice and snow sports for the disabled; Physical fitness training


Vitamin E has an important antioxidant biological function, and is closely related to the metabolic functions of
the reproductive system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, and muscle system in
the human body, similar to the antioxidant function of cell membranes in plants. Vitamin E can protect human
cell membrane tissues and delay the aging of cells, which is essential for human health. This article mainly
analyzes the effect of vitamin E nutritional metabolism on the physical growth of the disabled snow sports
training. As an important method and content of winter sports for disabled people, ice and snow sports not only
play a unique role in promoting the physical health and physical and mental recovery of disabled people, but
also show the spirit of people with disabilities to be "hard and hard". The physical fitness of the disabled and the
physical fitness can seek common ground while reserving differences, and the commonality and personality of
the two are dialectically unified, which has both commonality and characteristics. Therefore, to apply the
content of sound physical fitness training methods to the physical fitness training of disabled athletes,
personalized physical fitness training methods and methods should be developed and explored according to the
disabled athletes' degree of disability, type of disability, body shape, and physical function.