Effects of Probiotics Combined with Early Enteral Nutrition on Physical Fitness of Dragon Boat Athletes

  • Zhang Hanhui
Keywords: Probiotics; Intestinal health; Dragon boat exercise; Physiological functions


The intestinal flora is an important part of the intestinal microecology and plays an important role in maintaining
the health of the body. Probiotics are a kind of fungus that is beneficial to the human body. It can help prevent
the invasion of viruses and reduce the occurrence of diseases, help accelerate the establishment of barriers and
protection of the intestine, and adjust the immune system. The interaction between probiotics and the epidermal
barrier on the intestine lays an important foundation for the development and utilization of probiotics. This
article mainly analyzes the effect of probiotics combined with early enteral nutrition on the physical fitness of
dragon boat athletes. Dragon boat exercise is a high-intensity, heavy-load sports event, which has a good
regulating effect on the cardiopulmonary function of athletes. At the same time, it is pointed out that the training
of dragon boat sports should select the basic physiological and biochemical monitoring indicators of the project
according to the characteristics of the physiological and biochemical changes of dragon boat athletes, establish a
scientific training system, and use modern scientific training methods and methods to improve the dragon boat.
1. The training effect of our national traditional sports.