Cholesterol Metabolism of Laying Hens and Physical Energy Recovery after Training

  • Junhua Xiong
Keywords: Cholesterol metabolism; Regulation principle; Exercise training; Physical fitness recovery


Cholesterol is an important part of animal cells, especially in the formation of a large number of membrane
structures, and also plays an important role in nerve myelin sheath. It is a precursor of bile acids, steroid
hormones and vitamin D3, so it has an irreplaceable effect on organisms. Eggs are very popular as a nutritious
and cheap main food, but high levels of cholesterol pose a huge threat to the health of people who eat eggs for a
long time. This article analyzes the cholesterol metabolism of laying hens and the recovery of athletes' fitness
after training. In recent years, China's competitive sports industry has been focusing on the pursuit of the
amount of load in the past training, ignoring the load intensity and the recovery of athletes after training, turning
to highlight the load intensity, and striving for a balanced and reasonable development in load volume and load
intensity The recovery of volleyball players after physical training is even more important. And the further
improvement of modern training level depends to some extent on whether we can solve the problem of the
athlete's body recovering as soon as possible after high load.