Nutrition of Lysine Fermented Protein Powder and Sports Fatigue of Basketball Players

  • Wang Cheng
Keywords: Lysine fermented protein powder; Basketball players; Sports fatigue; Nutritional measures


Due to the rapid proliferation of microorganisms and high body protein content, lysine fermented protein
powder has become a new protein source, and has been developed into lysine fermented protein powder
products. With the continuous development of scientific breeding industry, people have higher and higher
requirements for the types and quality of livestock breeding products. Basketball is a very difficult sport with
special characteristics, and it has strong comprehensiveness. For professional basketball players, the main cause
of basketball injury is the season fatigue. Even if it gets scientific protection, but because of the high load of
physical consumption on and off the court, basketball players will also have a drop in shooting hit rate. The
high-intensity physical confrontation and fast-paced attack and defense conversion make basketball players bear
great pressure and load both physically and mentally. Using scientific methods to restore physical fitness is an
important guarantee for basketball players to improve their performance. Among them, nutrition is a very
important means to eliminate sports fatigue.