Cholesterol Nutrition Control of Eggs Combined With Sports Training to Relieve Hyperlipidemia in Adolescents

  • Luo Guangxia
Keywords: Layer cholesterol; Exercise training; Adolescents; Hyperlipidemia


As the main protein food, eggs contain more cholesterol. How to effectively control the cholesterol content in
eggs has gradually become the focus of social research. In this paper, cholesterol nutrition control combined
with exercise training in layers was analyzed to alleviate hyperlipidemia in adolescents. The occurrence and
development of hypertension is closely related to hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is easy to cause
cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. After the reform and opening up, the consumption level of
hypertension and the diet structure of Chinese residents have changed dramatically. With the increasing level of
economic hypertension, the incidence of hypertension is also increasing. Sports training, as an auxiliary
treatment for hyperlipidemia, has been gradually understood by people. However, there is no unified theory
about the influence of different intensity of resistance training on blood lipid, which makes the treatment unable
to control the intensity of sports training reasonably, leading to the reduction of treatment effect. Therefore,
through the comparison of diet control and sports training, this study aims to explore the effect of sports training
on reducing the high blood fat of adolescents.