Determination of Crude Protein in Ryegrass Powder and Adverse Effects of High Intensity Exercise

  • Wang Meiling
Keywords: Ryegrass powder; Crude protein; Intensive exercise; Bone microdamage


Ryegrass is rich in nutrition, especially in spring and autumn. Its leaves are very fat and can be used as feed for
poultry. Ryegrass, as a high-quality feed, is widely used in the production of agriculture and animal husbandry.
The high-quality animal husbandry products produced by ryegrass are also loved by health enthusiasts. Studies
have shown that long-term regular exercise training can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2
diabetes, hypertension and depression. However, unreasonable exercise and high intensity exercise are harmful
to the body. In this paper, we will focus on the mechanism of double-sided effects of exercise on the immune
system and apoptosis on the cardiovascular system. Explosive overload training and long-term overload training
will not only lead to bone injury of athletes, but also threaten their health. In sports training, athletes should not
only pay attention to increasing the intensity of training, but also pay attention to the scientific, effective and
safety of training. We should evaluate the physical function of each individual reasonably and make
professional training plan for each athlete.