Nutrition Supplement of Calcium and Vitamin D3 to Athletes After Physical Training

  • Lv Mei
Keywords: Athletes; Physical Training; Calcium Supplement; Vitamin D3


Athletes need high sensitivity, reaction speed and muscle strength in physical training. The improvement of
these sports abilities is closely related to calcium ion. Because of the relative or absolute lack of calcium ions in
the body, athletes' ability to exercise is obviously reduced. The contraction of myocardium and skeletal muscle
is highly dependent on calcium. The decrease of extracellular calcium concentration will lead to the decrease of
myocardial contractility. However, the decrease of calcium storage in skeletal muscle cells can cause the
decrease of skeletal muscle contractility and muscle strength. Vitamin D is not only necessary for skeletal health,
immune function and inflammatory modulation, but also necessary for maintaining the best muscle function and
performance. Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with the risk of some chronic and autoimmune diseases,
including hypertension and cardiovascular disease. These physiological effects or diseases may have an
important impact on the health, training and sports performance of athletes. Proper supplement of calcium and
vitamin D is an important guarantee to maintain the physical fitness of athletes.