Skeletal Muscle Fiber Nutrition and Effects of Exercise Intervention on Physical Health of Obese Students

  • Yang Liu
Keywords: Pig skeletal muscle fiber; Exercise intervention; Obese college students; Physical health


In actual production, improving meat quality and providing consumers with excellent meat products are of great
significance to animal producers and sellers. A large number of experiments have shown that muscle fiber has a
very important effect on the quality of meat, and the quality of pork can be changed by changing the muscle
tissue. Therefore, to understand the growth and development of muscle fibers has important practical
significance. In recent years, national physical examination data shows that the physical and mental health of
college students is not optimistic. Due to lack of exercise and unreasonable lifestyle, the number of obese people
has increased dramatically. Exercise intervention for obese people refers to a method of consuming excess fat in
the body through a certain intensity and frequency of exercise, accelerating energy consumption, promoting
metabolism, and thereby reducing the weight level of obese people. This article mainly analyzes the effect of
pig skeletal muscle fiber nutrition and exercise intervention on physical health of obese college students.
Adhering to exercise and controlling diet are the most effective and healthy way to lose weight for college
students, and it can promote the physical and mental health of college students.