Nutritional Analysis of Meat Diet and Relation with Track and Field Training Fatigue

  • Lin Li
Keywords: Meat nutrition; Diet analysis; Exercise fatigue; Recovery methods


Food is the basis for all activities of the human body. People ingest food, digest, absorb, and use it to obtain
various nutrients to ensure the normal functioning of the body's functions, so as to engage in various activities
such as production and life. Meat has always been loved by people because of the variety of cooking methods,
rich nutrition and delicious taste. When it is paired with other foods, it can also promote the secretion of
digestive juices, which helps digestion. Long-term consumption can strengthen the body, to enhance immunity.
There are many possible benefits of carnivores that are not yet clear. The main ingredients in meat are water,
protein and fat. This article mainly analyzes the dietary nutrition of meat and association with track and field
training fatigue. Exercise-induced fatigue is a very common phenomenon in sports training, which can cause
physical discomfort and decline in exercise function, thereby affecting the training effect. This article studies the
mechanism of sports fatigue, analyzes the causes, and proposes solutions to the diagnosis and effective recovery
of sports fatigue in track and field training, so as to improve the training quality of athletes and ensure the safety
of training. purpose.