Effect of Compound Protease Nutrition and Exercise Intervention on Obese Group

  • Li Qiang
Keywords: Protein nutrition; Adolescent obesity; Complex protease; Exercise intervention


Obesity in adolescents is not only a risk of developing obesity, but also directly related to incidence rate and
mortality of many chronic diseases in adults. This paper analyzed the effect of compound protease nutrition and
exercise intervention on obese population. In view of the special group of teenagers, it is an effective way to
reduce and control their body weight by comprehensive intervention of sports, nutrition and behavior based on
school and family. Compound protease or protease inhibitor (PI) is a kind of skin or protein which can inhibit
the activity of protease. PI not only has the function of regulating protease activity, but also can regulate
metabolism activity and prevent obesity. Aerobic exercise is more effective in improving the total cholesterol,
triglyceride and the cardiorespiratory function index of the obese youth and adolescents. Aerobic combined with
resistance exercise is more effective in improving the body composition index of BMI, weight and body fat rate
of the obese youth and adolescents.