Glucose Nutrition of Lactating Cows and Nutrition Supplementation of Athletes After Physical Training

  • Cui Yingmin
Keywords: Lactating cow glucose; Nutritional supplement; Volleyball player; Physical training


The glucose supply plan for lactating cows is based on metabolic glucose requirements, and estimates the
amount of endogenous glucose produced, with the remaining shortfalls provided by exogenous glucose.
Lactating cow glucose plays an increasingly important role in animal husbandry, and it has also become an
effective means of scientific breeding. The livestock products produced by it have also become the first choice
for people who pursue a healthy life in modern times, and they have become an important choice for nutritional
supplements after athletes’ physical training. This article mainly analyzes the nutritional supplement of lactating
cow glucose to athletes after physical fitness training. In recent years, my country's competitive sports industry
has shifted from pursuing the size of the load in the past training to focusing on the load intensity, and strives for
a balanced and reasonable development in the load and load intensity. Athletes' physical fitness and skills are
closely related, and with good physical fitness, athletes can conduct a higher level of skill training. Therefore,
the recovery of athletes after physical training becomes even more important. This article aims to enhance the
rational understanding of the recovery of volleyball players after physical training, promote the diversification
of recovery methods and the improvement of recovery effects.