Observation of Exercise Rehabilitation Combined with Statins in the Treatment of Senile Normal Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension

  • Quan Zhao
Keywords: Hypertension; Pulse pressure; Blood uric acid; Simvastatin;Exercise rehabilitation


Primary hypertension is not only a hemodynamic disorder, but also a metabolic disease. About 80% of patients
with primary hypertension are accompanied by one or more risk factors, often accompanied by abnormalities in
serum uric acid and lipid metabolism. This article explores the observation of the efficacy of exercise
rehabilitation combined with statins in the treatment of senile normal hyperlipidemia and hypertension. The
experimental group received exercise rehabilitation on the basis of simvastatin (20mg / D) drugs. After 6 months,
the changes in pulse pressure and blood uric acid were observed, and the correlation analysis was performed.
Results The blood uric acid concentration increased with the increase of blood pressure. There was a statistically
significant difference between the hypertension group and the normotensive group (P <0.05). There was no
statistical difference in the blood uric acid level 2 and 1 of the hypertension (P> 0.05); With the increase of
blood pressure, the blood uric acid of hypertension level 3 was significantly higher than that of hypertension
level 1 and 2 (P <0.05). Conclusion: Exercise rehabilitation combined with statins has good research effect in
the treatment of senile normal hyperlipidemia and hypertension, which is worthy of clinical promotion.