Protein Nutrition Supplement and Nitrogen Balance in Young Athletes Training

  • Zhiquan TIAN
Keywords: Protein nutrition; Amino acid; Exercise energy; Nutrition supplement


When young people engage in sports activities, they should ensure the intake of sugar (including fiber), vitamin
B6, vitamin D, iron, calcium, magnesium, and chromium. Insufficient protein nutrition caused by training has
caused some problems, such as sports malnutrition, frequent fatigue, and sports injuries caused by insufficient
muscle strength. These problems are mainly related to insufficient energy and nutritional intake of young
athletes. In this paper, the authors analzye the protein nutrition supplement and nitrogen balance in young
athletes training. The result shows that there was no significant difference in the basic energy expenditure
between the two groups; the daily additional energy expenditure of the athlete group was significantly higher
than that of the control group (P <0.01); the total energy expenditure of the athlete group was also significantly
higher than the control group (P <0.01). Only a sufficient intake of protein can meet the increasing amino acid
oxidation during training and competition. At the same time, it can ensure the normal growth and development
of athletes. Therefore, we suggest that the daily protein intake should be kept within the specified range.