Study of Ganoderma Acid on Regulation of Human Glucose Metabolism

  • Liu Yueqin
Keywords: Ganoderma acid; Fermentation broth; Sugar consumption; Sugar metabolism


With the continuous improvement of living standards, the incidence of many diseases has increased rapidly,
such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc., and the occurrence of these diseases is
closely related to an indicator-sugar metabolism is precisely due to the body's sugar Metabolic disorders.
Ganoderma acid has a variety of pharmacological activities such as anti-tumor and inhibition of histamine
release. The effects of ganoderic acid on liver sugar consumption in experimental mice were studied. The results
show that ganoderma acid fermentation liquid, mycelium and ganoderic acid extracted from fermentation liquid
Both can increase sugar consumption. Changes in sugar metabolism enzyme activity and intermediate
metabolites were analyzed. Hexokinase activity was significantly increased, lactate dehydrogenase and lactic
acid contents were reduced to varying degrees, pyruvate content was increased, pyruvate carboxylase and
malate dehydrogenase activities Significantly enhanced, cytochrome oxidase activity was significantly enhanced.
Ganoderma acid mainly increased sugar consumption by increasing the aerobic metabolism of sugar, providing
a new theoretical reference for the wide pharmacological activity of ganoderma acid.