Intervention of Oat β - Glucan Nutrition and Aerobic Exercise on Adolescent Obesity

  • Huaiqiu ZHOU
Keywords: Oat β-glucan nutrition; Aerobic exercise; Adolescent obesity; Protein nutrition


β - glucan in oats exists in the cell wall of endosperm and aleurone layer, and is abundant in the sub aleurone
layer of grains. The content of β - glucan in oats bran is 7%. β - glucan in oats has the functions of reducing
weight, reducing blood pressure, resisting high blood viscosity and platelet aggregation. This paper discusses the
intervention of oat β - glucan nutrition and aerobic exercise on adolescent obesity. Due to the change of people's
life style, the detection rate of overweight and obese children has increased significantly. Adolescent obesity not
only has a certain effect on social adjustment and psychological function, but the incidence rate of overweight
children is significantly higher than that of children with adolescent health. This leads to the risk of obesity and
chronic diseases in obese adolescents. Oat β - glucan nutrition combined with aerobic exercise can effectively
control obesity in adolescents. β - glucan can improve the metabolism level of fat, reduce the level of cholesterol
in serum, and improve the perception of insulin in peripheral tissue. Sticking to regular aerobic exercise habits
and increasing knowledge of nutrition and diet can prevent obesity.