Antioxidant Properties of Compound Fermented Yogurt and Sustainable Development of Tourism Marketing

  • Wang Peizhang
Keywords: Fermented yogurt; Antioxidant; Ecotourism; Sustainable development


In the milk fat of the compound fermented yogurt, triglycerides accounted for 97.5%, as well as phospholipids, sterols, and a small amount of free fatty acids. Fat is the main source of energy for mammals. Complete oxidation of 1g of fat can generate approximately 37 000J of energy, which is equivalent to 2 times the same quality of glucose or protein. This article analyzes the antioxidant properties of compound fermented yogurt and the sustainable development of tourism marketing. Ecotourism emphasizes the protection of the ecological environment and the harmonious development of tourism, conforms to the trend of the era of sustainable development, and has become the focus of most attention in the tourism industry. Ecotourism marketing is tourism green marketing under the guidance of social marketing concepts and sustainable development concepts. It is the inheritance and development of traditional tourism marketing. When promoting or marketing attractions to consumers, they should shape and disseminate a distinctive and consistent image of the attractions. Scenic spots should start with improving the service quality of tourism workers, and focus on improving the service awareness of local residents, so that tourists can observe their production and life and obtain a complete and true travel experience.