Soy-milk Double Protein Nutrition Extraction Combined with Aerobic Exercise Reduces Adolescent Obesity

  • Song Peng
Keywords: Soy protein; Milk protein; Aerobic exercise; Physical fitness


Gliadins contained in different foods have different subunit compositions and structures, so their solubility is different in different systems. Protein is an amphoteric compound. When the pH of milk is adjusted to the isoelectric point of casein, the positive and negative charges of the protein are equal. This article analyzes the soy-milk double protein nutrition extraction combined with aerobic exercise to reduce adolescent obesity. The society is advancing with each passing day, but the society and the family have neglected the problems of adolescent physical health. The healthy growth of young people is related to the well-being and well-being of the family and the future prosperity of the motherland. Obese adolescents have become a worldwide public health problem. Obesity not only affects the physical and mental development of adolescents, but also causes chronic diseases related to obesity. With the enhancement of people's health consciousness, the protein nutrition rich in organic products has also received more and more attention. Among them, milk and soybeans as traditional high-protein nutrition foods have gained more weight in today's youth weight loss activities. More and more attention. This article starts with the extraction of soy-milk double protein, and explores the effect of nutritional protein combined with aerobic exercise on the scientific weight loss of adolescents.