Building Energy-saving Design Scheme Based on Green Plant Nutrition Evaluation

  • Xuefeng Zhao
Keywords: Plant nutrition; Crassulaceae bergamot grass; Roof greening; Energy saving effect


Potassium is essential for plant growth and development, and is one of the three major elements necessary for plant growth. Potassium nutrition has a significant effect on increasing yield and stress resistance of plants. Potassium fertilizer contains a certain amount of heavy metal elements, these elements have a greater impact on the environment and the growth and development of plants. This paper analyzes the building energy-saving design scheme based on green plant nutrition evaluation. Ecological design is a design approach that focuses on environmental impact and energy consumption. Roof energy consumption accounts for a large portion of building energy consumption. At this stage, there are many ecological design technologies for roofing, and roofing is a typical way. Planting roofs can alleviate the contradiction between urban land and green land, realize the symbiosis of living environment and natural environment, and can actively improve the urban environment and urban climate. This chapter takes the most widely used Crassulaceae sylvestris planting roofing as the research object and conducts experimental research on summer thermal engineering. At the same time, it also accumulates raw data for the popularization and application of this type of light roof greening in building energy conservation.