Organic Orange Vitamin Nutrition Measurement and English Interpretation Strategies for Food Terms

  • Tianyue Weng
Keywords: Orange vitamin C; Food terms; English interpretation; Interpretation notes


Orange beverages made from oranges have rich vitamin C nutritional value, and are rich in nutrients such as polyphenols, amino acids, mineral elements, and sugars. Nutrition analysis shows that this product contains nutrients such as hesperidin, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, fructose, pectin and vitamins, and has the effect of increasing capillary elasticity. This article analyzes the nutritional value of organic orange vitamins and English interpretation strategies for food specialty terms. As a bridge of cultural communication between China and foreign countries, the importance of translation has become increasingly prominent. The utterance meanings reproduced by interpreters are not only simple verbal meanings, but also the illocutionary meanings, discourse styles, and cultural characteristics contained in the information content. In recent years, although the research results on interpreting teaching have become increasingly abundant. However, most of the teaching subjects studied are students above the undergraduate level. Translators' selection of appropriate translation strategies during translation is one of the important factors in ensuring translation accuracy and improving the success rate of conversations. This article takes the English interpretation of food specialty terms as the starting point and explores its interpretation strategies.