Dietary Nutrition Intervention Methods for Athletes and Measurement of Chicken Fat Nutrition

  • Sun Jing
Keywords: Dietary survey; Nutrition intervention; Chicken fat nutrition; Biochemical indicators


Nutrition is the material basis for maintaining the normal life activities of the human body, and a reasonable diet can effectively improve the athlete's athletic ability. The importance of dietary nutrition is receiving increasing attention from researchers. This article analyzes the dietary nutrition intervention methods for athletes and the measurement of chicken fat nutrition. Athletes should reduce excess fat as much as possible, retain or increase lean body mass and glycogen reserves, thereby improving athletes' athletic ability. After four weeks of dietary intervention, dietary surveys, blood biochemical indicators and body composition tests were performed again, and data were processed and analyzed using statistical methods. The results showed that before the intervention, the intake of carbohydrates and proteins were lower than the recommended value, while the intake of fat was too high; after the intervention, the intake of carbohydrates and proteins increased and the protein intake reached Recommended value, but there is no significant difference; fat intake is significantly reduced and there is a significant difference. Athletes should consume twice as much protein as the average person. Protein can not only increase muscle strength, but also participate in the synthesis of hemoglobin and various enzymes.