Egg Protein Nutrition Sports Supplement and Athlete’s Bone Nutrition Health

  • You Huan
Keywords: Gymnastic training; Bone density; Protein nutrition; Bone health


Proteins can be divided into essential and non-essential proteins. There are three main sources of protein. One of the most important sources is through direct utilization, decomposition and digestion of protein in food. When athletes perform high-intensity exercise load training, protein catabolism and synthesis speed up, and protein ammonia excretion in blood increases. This article analyzes the sports supplement of egg protein nutrition and athlete's bone nutrition and health. Exercise not only helps to increase the amount of bone minerals and bone density, but also helps to improve the mechanical properties of bones and reduce the probability and degree of osteoporosis. Therefore, exercise therapy has become one of the most basic and effective methods to prevent and treat osteoporosis. The comparison of the results of pre-pubertal female gymnasts with ordinary controls reveals the advantages of gymnastic training in this special period in improving bone metabolism and improving the mechanical properties of bones.