Porcine Bone Free Amino Acid and Protein Nutrition Combined with Exercise Rehabilitation for the Treatment of Lumbar Muscle Strain

  • Hao Qin
Keywords: Free amino acid of pork bone; Protein nutrition; Exercise rehabilitation; Lumbar muscle strain


Free amino acid and protein nutrition of pork bone is of great significance to human health. In addition to protein, fat, and vitamins, pork bones also contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, and bone mucin. This article explores the effects of pig bone free amino acids and protein nutrition combined with exercise rehabilitation on lumbar muscle strain. The strong core muscles provide stable protection for the spine in exercise and life, and can play an important role in preventing lumbar muscle strain and rehabilitation of lumbar muscle strain in daily life. The core muscles of the transverse abdominal muscle, the fibers that surround the important part of the abdomen, and the transverse process of each vertebral body, the spinous process is connected to the outer tension to the lumbar vertebra. After prolonged core strength exercises, muscle spasms will also be relieved. The toughness of the back muscles will also be enhanced, and the blood supply and metabolism of the soft tissues of the waist will be improved, which will increase muscle tolerance and reduce the incidence of lumbar muscle strain.