Oat Dextran Nutrition Combined with Aerobic Exercise to Reduce Cholesterol

  • Yong Tang
Keywords: Aerobic exercise; Oat dextran; Cholesterol lowering; Serum content


Cholesterol is a precursor of steroid hormones, bile acids, and vitamin D, and is also a component of cell biofilms, which is of great significance to the body's life activities. Oat contains a variety of chemical components, such as starch, protein, fat, dietary fiber, vitamins, phenols, minerals, etc., and has a variety of pharmacological activities. This paper studies the effect of aerobic exercise combined with oat dextran to reduce cholesterol, and explores the mechanism of aerobic exercise combined with oat β-glucan to reduce cholesterol. Conclusion: Aerobic exercise combined with oat β-glucan is more effective in lowering cholesterol in high-fat hamsters than aerobic exercise and oat β-glucan alone; its mechanism of reduction is by regulating the rate-limiting enzyme that cholesterol synthesizes from scratch CYP51, bile acid synthetase CYP7A1, bile acid transporter ABCBll, cholesterol transporter ABCG5, LDLR, etc., promote the conversion of cholesterol into bile acid in the liver, increase the discharge of lipid substances, so that more plasma cholesterol flows into the liver, reaching Reduce plasma cholesterol levels.