Characteristics of Athletes’ Protein Metabolism and Nutritional Supplements of Dairy Products

  • Zhang Zhenglong
Keywords: Protein energy metabolism; Physical energy consumption; Food nutrition; Mechanism of action


In order to develop muscle, there is a large demand for protein in the diet, and the supply of protein is required to reach more than 2 g / kg body weight per day, and its energy supply ratio is 20%, of which high-quality protein accounts for 1/3. Muscle development is also the result of faster synthesis of DNA, RNA, and proteins, with the difference being that the rate of muscle protein breakdown also increases. This article analyzes the characteristics of athletes' protein metabolism and nutritional supplements of dairy products. In recent years, many scholars have theoretically conducted extensive and in-depth research on whether or not strength athletes need to add more protein. The biggest feature of energy metabolism of strength athletes is the fast protein metabolism in the body. Proper dietary nutrition is the most important, but protein cannot be supplemented blindly. If excessive protein supplementation will increase the burden on some internal organs and increase acidic metabolites, it will lead to a decline in the work efficiency of the body. Therefore, it is essential to carry out reasonable dietary nutrition. Food is rich in protein, including lean meat, fish and shrimp, poultry eggs, milk, beans and their products. A reasonable diet is the most important for the athlete's body and performance.