Study on Plant Nitrogen Nutrition and Green Mine Ecological Restoration Technology

  • Libo Jing
Keywords: Mine environmental governance; Ecological restoration; Irrigation technology; Nitrogen nutrition


Nitrogen is a nutrient element of special importance in plant life. The average content of nitrogen in plants is about 2%. The adequacy of nitrogen nutrition supply and the quality of plant nitrogen nutrition greatly affect the growth and development of plants. This article is aimed at the problems of high and steep quarries, slag heaps, mountain vegetation and soil erosion caused by open pits in rock and mining areas. Comprehensive management in two major areas, including environmental governance and ecological restoration, was carried out. First of all, the natural environment profile, geological environment background conditions and mine geological environment of the limestone mining area were surveyed and understood. Then, according to the characteristics of the geological environment, the geological environment characteristics of the mine, the greening conditions of the mine and the conditions of the irrigation and maintenance engineering were analyzed. , To restore the natural ecological environment, eliminate the hidden dangers of geological disasters, reduce soil erosion, and return the overall goals and tasks of the mountain to green.