Tomato Vitamin C Nutrition and English-Chinese Translation of Trade Terms

  • Ding Lulu
Keywords: Tomato food; Vitamin C; International trade term; Translation method


Tomato is rich in vitamin C nutrition and is a widely popular vegetable. Vitamin C has a wide range of physiological functions, can prevent scurvy, joint swelling, promote wound healing, and enhance the body's resistance. In the food industry, it is often used as an antioxidant, sour agent and fortifier. This article analyzes the English-Chinese translation of tomato vitamin C nutrition and trade terms. In recent years, scholars have expressed their opinions and expressed some enlightening opinions and views on the problems in the translation practice of foreign trade materials. These studies are mainly from the micro perspective, and few people have theoretically explained the translation strategies and methods of the terms in the English translation of foreign trade and economic propaganda materials. In view of the above, this article intends to use the theory of teleology, acceptance aesthetics, and Newmark's theories of semantic translation and communicative translation to analyze and study the purpose of translation and the reading needs of target readers, as well as the relationship between these two factors and the translation of foreign trade and economic information. On this basis, the English translation method of the terminology of foreign trade promotion materials is discussed.