Amino Acid Oxidation Method to Measure Athlete’s Dietary Protein Needs

  • Zhang Mengdi
Keywords: Amino acid oxidation; Isotope; Athlete diet; Protein nutrition


Protein nutrition is the material basis for maintaining human life activities. Whether protein nutrition is reasonable or not is directly related to individual physical strength. This article analyzes the amino acid oxidation method to measure athletes' dietary protein needs. Athletic ability is affected by many factors such as training, genetics, health status, psychology, etc. Reasonable nutrition is one of the important factors and a controllable factor. Protein can not only increase muscle strength, but also participate in the synthesis of hemoglobin and various enzymes, so it is closely related to the athlete's athletic ability. The protein intake of the athletes before the intervention was 95% compared with the recommended value and 102% after the intervention, indicating that the protein intake reached the recommended amount. At the same time, whether the oxygen supply during exercise can meet the demand is important to maintain the athletic ability. The oxygen supply ability during exercise is closely related to the hemoglobin level, the red blood cell deformability and the iron content. After daily training, intake of sufficient protein can repair damaged muscle fibers, promote muscle recovery, and strengthen muscle strength.