Fruit Corn Vitamin Nutrition and Food Translation Accuracy

  • Luo Na
Keywords: Fruit corn vitamins; Food translation; Cultural differences; Translation strategies


Vitamin A and Vitamin E are micronutrients that humans and animals must take from food. Fruit corn is a type
of fresh corn directly consumed by humans. It contains a variety of natural vitamins, the content of crude fiber is
as high as 17%, and the content of selenium is 8 times higher than that of ordinary corn. Regular consumption
can reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower blood lipids. The body's own immune function is
extremely important. Fruit corn, as a new type of crop with both taste and nutrition, is rapidly gaining popularity
among high-end and high-end consumer groups, and as an important part of agricultural products, participates in
international trade. This article analyzes fruit corn vitamin nutrition and food translation accuracy. In the process
of English-Chinese translation of cross-border trade, cross-cultural information directly affects translation
accuracy, and cultural differences that can affect translation accuracy include, but are not limited to, crosscultural
scope. It is necessary to improve the professional skills of translation teams, strengthen the importance
and promotion of accurate English translation, formulate scientific translation strategies, and translate the
English names of foods with aesthetic feelings based on the characteristics and culture of characteristic
agricultural products.