Cold-sterilized Dairy Product Protein Nutrition and “One Belt One Road” Cross-border Logistics Network

  • Huijuan Li
Keywords: Cold sterilization technology; Dairy protein nutrition; Belt and road; Cross-border logistics


With the improvement of people’s living standards and awareness of health care, the requirements for food are no longer limited to addressing the issue of temperature saturation and safety, but higher requirements have been put on its color, aroma, taste and nutritional value. Ultra-high pressure has little effect on covalent bonds in food ingredients, and has almost no effect on covalent bonds of low molecular compounds such as vitamins, pigments, and flavoring substances. This article analyzes the protein nutrition of cold sterilized dairy products and the “One Belt One Road” cross-border logistics network. The effects of different pressures and times on the protein content of milk powder and cheese under ultrahigh pressure were found to have a small effect on the protein content of cheese and milk powder. As a basic and strategic industry, the logistics industry has the basic characteristics of connectivity, penetration, and service. The implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy will definitely strengthen global economic, trade, and logistics links, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. Great opportunities. To sum up, the “Belt and Road” provides the opportunity to serve the two industries to coordinate the development of cross-border logistics operations. Relying on the cross-border logistics main channel network, combined with the improvement of the inland industry supply chain, the efficiency of the cross-border logistics field can be improved.