Computer Vision Technology for Protein Nutrition Analysis and Safety Detection of Meat Products

  • Yi Zhang
Keywords: Computer vision technology; Safety testing; Protein nutrition of meat products; System design


Meat products are rich in protein content, which can provide a lot of nutritional support for human growth and vital signs. Protein is isolated from meat products and hydrolyzed into free amino acids and low-molecular-weight hydrolysates by enzymatic methods, which can be used to treat neurasthenia, protein deficiency, and protein digestion and absorption disorders. This article analyzes computer vision technology for protein nutrition analysis and safety detection of meat products. With the needs of society and the development of video surveillance technology, the entire industry has fully entered the digital era. At present, the video surveillance system basically adopts the methods of manually monitoring the live video and viewing the playback video records to ensure security monitoring. This method is often inefficient, and sometimes even ignores important information and causes security risks. With the rapid development of computer vision technology, the use of computers to process monitoring data has become a research hotspot for intelligent video surveillance technology due to its intuitive, accurate, and timely characteristics. Applying deep learning methods to the field of computer vision-based security detection has not only strong theoretical significance but also important practical value.