Nitrogen Nutrition of Biological Fertilizer and Ecological Environment Manageme

  • Chen Jian
Keywords: Fertilizer nitrogen nutrition; Grassland ecosystem; Grassland degradation; Ecological management


This article discusses the causes of grassland ecological environment degradation from aspects of system logistics balance, environmental climate change, and the impact of human activities on grassland ecosystems. The analysis results show that grazing and animal husbandry is the main land use form in the steppe area. Livestock is the main controller of vegetation in the ecosystem. The imbalance of logistics in the system and seasonal grass-animal supply-demand imbalance have caused rapid degradation of grassland ecosystems. major factor. By using compound fertilizers to treat the soil, the content of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen in each treatment soil showed a trend of first increase and then decrease, and the content of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen increased gradually with the culturing time. The distribution ratio of nitrogen in the steppe vegetation showed that the middle steppe vegetation was the highest and the lower steppe vegetation was the lowest. To this end, increasing material input into the system, adjusting natural animal husbandry production methods for four seasons grazing, actively introducing and grazing, and alleviating the pressure of grazing in sensitive spring seasons, etc., are to govern and maintain the health of the grassland ecosystem in the region and ensure grassland animal husbandry Effective measures for sustainable development.