Protein Food and Caffeine Delay Exercise Fatigue

  • Xiong Tian
Keywords: Protein food; Caffeine; Exercise fatigue; Nutrition intervention


The occurrence of sports fatigue is related to factors such as the reduction of energy substances such as liver /
muscle glycogen and the accumulation of metabolites such as lactic acid and urea nitrogen after high-intensity
or long-term exercise or operation. Glycogen is the most important energy substance during exercise. The
body's glycogen level is closely related to endurance. The more glycogen reserves, the longer the exercise can
last. This article analyzes the effects of protein foods and caffeine on delaying exercise fatigue. At present, the
mechanisms of exercise fatigue mainly include energy exhaustion, accumulation of metabolites, and oxygen free
radical-lipid peroxide theory. In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have carried out a large number of
researches on food-borne anti-fatigue active ingredients, and these works have laid a foundation for the
development of anti-fatigue products and the explanation of anti-fatigue mechanisms. This article takes mice as
experimental materials, focuses on exploring the effects of protein foods and caffeine on delaying exercise
fatigue, and proposes research directions that need to be strengthened. This has important significance for the
future screening of safe and effective anti-fatigue active ingredients, and at the same time, it is a new antifatigue
health Product research and development provide a reference.