Milk Milk Fat Protein Nutrition and Food Instructions English Translation Accuracy

  • Fu Rong
Keywords: Milk nutrition; Milk fat protein; business English; English translation; Translation strategies


Milk is a high-protein nutritious food. Among them, milk fat globules and goat milk fat globules have a higher content of saturated fatty acids. There are at least 25 different enzymes in milk fat, more than half of which are members of the hydrolase class, followed by oxidoreductases and transferases. With the gradual deepening of international exchanges, specialty foods represented by milk and tea have occupied an important share in international trade, and the importance of English as a universal language in the world has also become increasingly prominent. This article analyzes the accuracy of English translation of milk milk fat protein nutrition and food descriptions. English translation is a comprehensive language application process. It requires a solid knowledge of translation theory and a high level of language foundation. It also needs to effectively master and use a variety of translation methods and skills in practice. This article starts from the milk milk fat protein nutrition, explores the trade value of milk products and common problems in English translation of related food instructions, and proposes answers to some questions to promote the development of China's foreign food trade.