Antibacterial Activity of Flavonoids and Alkaloids Based on High Performance Liquid Chromatography

  • Jun Wang
Keywords: Berberidaceae; Flavonoids; Alkaloids; Antibacterial activity


Berberidaceae Nantian bamboo, green leaf barberry and red leaf barberry are important garden greening plants, with excellent ecology and unique ornamental. Recent studies have shown that the chemical constituents of these three species of Berberids have some medicinal development value. Studying the chemical constituents and functions of Nantian bamboo, Berberis mandshurica and Berberis mandshurica has certain reference function for scientific development and comprehensive utilization of Berberid plant resources. There are 17 genera in Berberidaceae. A large number of studies have shown that flavonoids and alkaloids in Berberidaceae often have strong antibacterial activity. Three species of Berberidaceae are common landscaping plants, easy to grow on a large scale, rich in resources, and low in cost. In view of this, this study analyzed the contents of alkaloids and flavonoids of P. chinense, Berberis chinensis, and Berberis pubescens in different seasons, and explored the possible reasons for the seasonal changes in alkaloids and flavonoids. The bacteriostatic activity of alkaloids and flavonoids and its seasonal change law, with a view to promoting the development and utilization of alkaloids and flavonoids in Berberids.